Friday, February 25, 2011

!00 favorite things

I was browsing blogs, and I came across 100 things. Which Gaby from Gaby's Beauty Blog did and I decided to do it! It will be in ten segments. 

1. Drink


3. Color

4.  Shopping


7. Makeup
8. Sparklers
9. Magazines
10. Music

To the Snow we go!

 My family and I took a road trip to Flagstaff, AZ,to see the snow, and  to our discovery there wasn't very much. We still had a blast. We drove up the mountain until we found snow. The place we usually go, Snow Play, was closed, so we drove up and found a road and walked down and found a good sized hill, so my Lily could use her sled. She had so much fun she did it all by herself; over and over again.  Lily built a snowman, we had our snow fights, and it wasn't even cold. It was a fun trip. My cousins even drove up but we didn't get to spend much time with them, out car started to act a little funny.
Tony eating snow.

Lily in her sleigh

my kids sleeping on the way home

Pulling my Lily and Sammy up the hill.

nude obsessons giveaway!

 Good luck girls!

Glamadazzle giveaway!

This is an awesome giveaway! Im really excited! Good Luck!

My name is kaitlynn giveaway!

Giveaway ends March 29th

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All MAde up Giveaway!!

Giveaway!! ends 3/20/11

Oh Jhoy Giveaway

Birthday Invitations

I LOVE to make my kids invitations for their Birthday Parties.  I spend a great deal of time on them, months. I make about ten until I find the one I love best.I figured why pay money, when I can do it myself! These are Lily's past invites. 

Theme: Age

First Birthday : One

    Snow White: Two

Dora the Explorer : Three

 I am so excited to start on my sons Samuel first birthday Invites! I am still debating on the theme! I have two different ideas! So I will post it as soon as its made and decided!

Madihas Giveaway!

Madiha is giving away a mac eyeshadow, lipstick and paint pot!
For second prize she is giving away Sedonalace 88 palette

Good Luck!

Parents Contest

So far he is doing pretty good! 
He was at 318 yesterday and today he is 123!!
Please Vote! Even if your just passing through!
Contest ends 2/27!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup Shopping

      So for Valentines day my husband treated me to a Sephora shopping spree! We went the Thursday before Valentines, we knew we wouldn't have any time during the weekend and on Valentines day.  I spent an hour in there and I couldn't choose  between anything. I did however discover a bunch of new bare Mineral brand lip gloss, and 3-1 eyeliner. I love bare Minerals! Its my new love. Oh, and by the way when I got home I ordered some more stuff they didn't have in the store.

This is not everything I bought but, I didn't have time to put it all on here. 

  • Buxom lip color (Ruby) $18.00
  • Buxom Eye liner (black) $ 18.00
  • Sephora Eye line (midnight black) $5.00
  • Sephora Color artist pallet $20.00
  • Sephora shimmer lip gloss (summer crush)  $6.00 on-sale
  • bareMinerals foundation $25.00

I also got these online: 
bareMinerals All wrapped up eye collection,  Buxom Black Lash, Buxum Lip color 
Tempest (bareMinerals), Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Refillable Buffing Brush

I bought these online, Hello Kitty!!!
  I cant wait for them to get here I think they will be here tomorrow!
  • Compact mirror $ 18.00
  • Lip Gloss $9.00
I am so excited about all my purchases, so far I really love the buxom lip color its a bit to dark, I don't remember it being that dark in the store, I might have grabbed the wrong box. It makes my lips looks bigger. I also love the bareMinerals foundation <3 
I also really like the eye pallet, I like having options. I also use my other eye shadows with this.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My love gave me a Sephora Shopping Spree and a weekend up north!
Pictures tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day!

Gas Station Bathrooms

   My family was on a road trip this weekend and I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom, and I was walking out of a stall in the bathroom and noticed this dispenser. Usually I see tampons or kotex,  so I was surprised to see this!

I though t this was crazy! I have never seen this at a gas station I have seen them at clubs and bars, but usually only condoms. I was curious to see what they were selling for 75 cents so I put money into the first slot, and the massage oil slot. 

This is what came out. I had imagine  that it would be a bit more then what it was, but it was only 75cents. I really wanted to see what the massage oils were, oh well, maybe next time.

I am not sure how much pleasure this actually would give someone, since it was basically a fancy rubber band with little bumps.
When we got back to the hotel I showed my husband what I had purchased. He thought I was crazy.  But it the morning he left them in the bed to freak out the maids. How embarrassing is that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Theses are current giveaway  I have entered! Good Luck!

Painted Tips

Getting in EYEFUL.

     Well I have been having some major headaches.  I had an idea that maybe I may need glasses, well because it was hard for me to see in class, what the teachers were  putting on the projection. So I finally made an appointment for the eye Dr.  Well I when in this past Saturday and they dilated my eyes. Well little did  I know, I would not take a liking to the dilation.  I couldn't really see for two days! Monday I finally could go out into the sun, it was still really bright, but it wasn't so bad. I did purchase glasses tho, even a pair of sunglasses, they talked me into. Then after paying $369 I learned that you need new glasses every year! by the way I do not have eye doctor insurance, I have AAA, It comes in handy..Anyway, here are a sample of the glasses that I got.

These are my prescription glasses, although mine are a little different I have black frames with some pink.
These are my sunglasses, although mine are a creme color.

I think I made some cute decisions, I just hope I don't regret the ones I choose. I will post the real glasses when I get them, in 5-7 business days.