Sunday, April 29, 2012

Exterior Finished Playhouse. Update

I spent my entire morning painting. I think I did  a really good job! Its not the best and its not perfect. My kids love it tho.  The paint on the door is paint I got from Home Depot, it was one of those return paints, so I got a bucket for $5. Then the outline brown paint my step dad had in his shed. I mixed those together to get the red brink paint. I think it came out really nice. I am proud of myself for saving money!

I took out the window for now, I am not sure what I am gonna do with it. 

I love how it came out. 
Side view there no was sun, so the picture is kinda bad. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Celeberties With No Make-up.

Lately its been a trend for celebrities or reality stars to go without makeup. I like the idea of them showing the world who they really are. So they are.

Mariah Carey

Demi Lovato

And my Fav Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lopez


Sammi sweetheart

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Play House *Project 1 Update*

Just wanted to inform you guys of the playhouse update.  I  maybe scraped and brushed all the paint chips off of the house. So we could primer it. This project is not close to being completed. We have a lot going on right now, with our time and money. So I am hoping to have this done by the end of this year. 

This is after scraping for about two hours

This is the best picture I could do. 

Before pic

After. We added fake grass.

The kids they love it.

Added their toys . 

This girl is always posing.

What the kids did for Easter.

I found a recipe online for coloring eggs using kool-aid packets. It was really neat, they came out great but I forgot to take pictures of the eggs when I was done with them. It was a great day tho, We had a brunch with my family. When Tony got off work we went to my dads and had a dinner with him, and then off to Tonys mom. We were so exhausted.

Side note, yet again   I think I went just a tad bit overboard on their Easter backers. After doing the math later, I spent a lot more then I had realized. Next year I plan to do better!  I think. ha ha.
later that day at my dads, I forgot to take pictures of them. In their cute outfits. 

Lily coloring her eggs.

Sammy;s first time coloring eggs.
I love this picture, that determined to get that egg.
The packets I used. 

Sammys Basket

Lily's basket

She loved her Lala Loopsy

He wouldn't take it off all day. 

My First Garden

When we moved our new bedroom had a door and outside, on the side of the house it had an area for a garden, so I have taken it on. It had tons of green onions and the previous owner must have just threw seeds in and then turned the dirt. I found some roots about a foot under. I had to try and attempt to get them out. We finished that part yesterday. I forgot to take pictures of that part tho. I also will be putting in seeds either today or tomorrow. I am going to cheat and put in a few already grown plants. I really want a jalapeno plant, garlic, and peppers. So we will see how it goes. Oh, last thing, I found out my mom has a mint growing in her bushes in her backyard so I am going to dig that out and attempt to move it to my garden.

This after my husband gutted the million dead onion plants .

My kids helping me find the onion roots. 

I bought potting in pots mix, and I figured I could still use it cause its sort of a pot. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I will post our pics up either later today or tomorrow. Have a great and safe Holiday!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A place of their own.

This is my first  project that I will be taking on.  I want my kids to have their own space, and  we moved and the guy who owned the property before us, really thought out this house. There is something for everyone here. I haven't decided what I really want to do with this yet. I have an idea, but I am not sure if I am dead set on it. I thought about painting the exterior white and then making it look like it was brick, so with dark red paint . I am also thinking white for the trim.  I think  it has really good potential. I don't want it to be to cute either , I would like it to be neutral between my son and daughter. I had thoughts of lining the wood, the counter top and side, with shelving paper. But now I am thinking it may loose, its little charm. I am thinking or repainting the inside a light yellow. I also have to get the paint off the door window, and I am in the process of making curtains.  I also am thinking  of what to do about the fence, and all the dirt.  Also the dogs get in there and chew up their toys, the dogs have about ten ways to get in, so I have to figure something out for that too. Do you have any ideas?

Lily going thru the broken fence 

Lily and her cousin. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

bareMinerals Truffle anyone?

I got a desert truffle glass, for Christmas, in a white elephant. I have never made a truffle, and to be honest its  a bit to fancy. My kids would have dropped it and broke it. Well, I was tired of seeing the box just sit on my freezer, and I thought to myself there has to be something I can use it for. Well at first I was going to use it for  all my make up but I LOVE bareMinerals and I use mostly bareMinerals. It looks cute with just these items in it and not cluttered full or random makeup. I really  love it. I am thinking about adding a bow or something but the materials and ribbon I have on stock is not fitting it just right. but I like it like this for now.