Thursday, April 19, 2012

My First Garden

When we moved our new bedroom had a door and outside, on the side of the house it had an area for a garden, so I have taken it on. It had tons of green onions and the previous owner must have just threw seeds in and then turned the dirt. I found some roots about a foot under. I had to try and attempt to get them out. We finished that part yesterday. I forgot to take pictures of that part tho. I also will be putting in seeds either today or tomorrow. I am going to cheat and put in a few already grown plants. I really want a jalapeno plant, garlic, and peppers. So we will see how it goes. Oh, last thing, I found out my mom has a mint growing in her bushes in her backyard so I am going to dig that out and attempt to move it to my garden.

This after my husband gutted the million dead onion plants .

My kids helping me find the onion roots. 

I bought potting in pots mix, and I figured I could still use it cause its sort of a pot. 

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