Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the kids did for Easter.

I found a recipe online for coloring eggs using kool-aid packets. It was really neat, they came out great but I forgot to take pictures of the eggs when I was done with them. It was a great day tho, We had a brunch with my family. When Tony got off work we went to my dads and had a dinner with him, and then off to Tonys mom. We were so exhausted.

Side note, yet again   I think I went just a tad bit overboard on their Easter backers. After doing the math later, I spent a lot more then I had realized. Next year I plan to do better!  I think. ha ha.
later that day at my dads, I forgot to take pictures of them. In their cute outfits. 

Lily coloring her eggs.

Sammy;s first time coloring eggs.
I love this picture, that determined to get that egg.
The packets I used. 

Sammys Basket

Lily's basket

She loved her Lala Loopsy

He wouldn't take it off all day. 

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