Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dollar Store haul

I decided I need to start saving more money. I need to shop smarter. I went to the dollar store the other day for a gift bag and I found store brand makeup! I was surprised I had never looked in the beauty isle before. I thought to myself I would give it a whirl. Here is what I found.

All Maybeline Products.

This is what I purchased. Shadow Stylist
  • Trendy blue
  • Sleek  Brown 
  • Vintage Champagne
  • Contemporary White

Limited Edition Eye Shadows
  • Copper Diamond
  • Turquoise Diamond
Copper Diamond

Turquoise Diamond

Shadow Stylist.
I am not to fond of the Shadow Stylist all though they applied wonderfully on my arm they didn't do the same on my eye lid. It sort of bunched up. I think I would give them to my daughter to play with. 
Rating: *

I did like the Limited edition eye shadow in Copper Diamond, the turquoise did not go well with my skin tone. It doesn't stay on long, but maybe e a good primer would change that.

Rating: ***

This is my own opinion. I purchased these myself. New rating system (see below)

Ratings :
*              Lily's new make up stash (play makeup of course)   wont buy again.
**             Okay will not  buy again
***           Liked it maybe buy again
****         Liked buy it again
*****       Love it buy it again, Tell everyone

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