Thursday, June 9, 2011

Make-Up Gone Bad

There are a few makeup mishaps, that when I see on a day to day basis, well I cringe. This is my opinion. I know I am by no means an expert but these are a few things we should stay away from.

1.  Spider Lashes Syndrome ::


  This is what happens after continuous strokes of mascara. If you have small eye lashes like mine.  I like to use a primer. Then apply a good mascara.
  Apply the primer to eyelashes. Then place finger on eyelid and lift up . Apply Mascara to  the bottom of your eye lashes and go up. Then apply to all the  entire lashes two or three coats is good.

2. Too Bold::

This is a result of trying a bold color and its just  to much. Choose one bold color either eyes or lips. Not both.

Done right
3. Lipstick Teeth::

I know sometimes we are in a hurry and we need to apply lipstick stat. This takes one second take finger and swipe across teeth. A mirror also works really well!

4.  Sharpie Eyebrows:: 

This also applies to number 3
Stay away from pencils for extra thickness in eye brows use  a powder. If you accidentally apply to much it can be brushed off easier.

5. Wong Foundation Color::

Always ask for help every time you buy foundation. Also blend, blend,blend. I also like to apply a little foundation on my neck as well.

6. Too Much Blush::

Apply a little blush at a time.  If your lighter skin use a light blush, Medium a little deeper pink and so on.

***Again this is my own opinion. I dont mean to offend anyone. Images from google images. ***

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