Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 I was recently chosen for an  Influenster VoxBox. So here is what I received and what I think of it. Its about a couple weeks late, but I was so sick, so now that I am feeling better here it is. 

Kiss® Ever PRO Lashes

I was not a fan of this product it didnt look realistic on me, and it just seemed over the top on me. I did want to try some lashes so I might have to keep looking for a brand with not so much lash. 

Bath & Body Works® Fall Mini Candle

This product was gone the second day, the moment I opened the box my husband claimed it, and he loved it. It filled the entire room with this little candle alone. We have boughten biger candles with not that much powerful scent. We tend do buy cheaper candles because he goes thru them so fast but with the $10 coupon I will be purchasing him a bigger one. 

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes

I liked this product but I wouldn't usually where these colors often, just on date nights sometimes. I liked the primer it really made the makeup stay on longer, I did the color test in my arm and I fell asleep on the couch and my alarm didnt go off the next morning so I raced to school, and at 6 pm the next day the color strip I did with the primer was still on my arm, so I will use the primer from NYC. 

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves

My all time favorite item in this box, well actually I have two but Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves gave my crazy untamable wavy/ curly hair actual curls. I forgot to take a picture of my hair, but I loved it. It didn't make my hair hard or crunchy it was soft. I  also was about a nickel size amount for my thick wavy hair. I just loved how it curled my hair. My hair usually has a mind of its own. One day I wake up with curly hair, or some days its just wavy. So this product I love. I fallowed the directions on this product and it worked. I will buy this product. 

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

This was my favorite too. I have used this product more than anything else. I love this for when I straighten my hair and I want to put it up and I don't want the crease from the hair tie. I also like how it held up my hair, I have a lot of hair,so  I was afraid that it wouldn't hold up all my hair, but I didnt have a problem with it. 

Vitabath® Fragrance Mist

I really liked this product as well, it was just the right amount of scent not to overwhelming and it was just simple. I sprayed on me this morning around 7am and I can still smell it on me. I like the scent of the one I received I cant recall the name. But it was nice. 

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