Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello Chica's!

Lily swimming in her level 3 floaties!

Sammy loves water now.

I have neglected this blog. I am sorry. I have been so stressed with summer school, and just life. I just had no time to post.

Summer has been very busy for me, hardly any time off. I have read a few books here and there. Usually in between everything. I forgot how much I enjoy reading. I am going to go back to reading. I am determined to go back to the public library and getting my card renewed.

I have gotten a temporary summer job at the boo store at my school. This means I can get a huge discount on my text books for fall. I am very excited about saving money.

I haven't did much shopping but I will be posting what I have bought and old items that I have bought and never posted. I've taken pictures but just never really had the time.

My kids are growing so much. My Lily save her cousin from drowning. Shes an incredible artist and dancer. She is truly talented. I cant wait for her to go back to her dance classes in September. Sam is growing like crazy and hes a fish when it comes to the pool, he doesn't ever want to get out. He's a little dancer too. He bops his head and spins in a little circle. He has always been a daddy's boy. I came home from work today and he was so excited to see me. He looked at me and said "momma momma." I wanted to cry. I love my babies.

My husband and  I have been good. We have gotten in little arguments here and there. But what married couple doesn't argue. We have been house sitting for a family member and were on our own vacation here. Away from the family for awhile. Quiet time together with the kids. We have been in the pool all week. Its nice to have a pool, especially in Arizona.

About my weird bad habbit. I have progressed a little. I dont do it as often as before maybe three times a day. Thats way better than what it used to be. Well thats is so far. I will have more posts soon.

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