Monday, September 19, 2011

Im back!

     Well I have been extremely busy! I finished summer school with straight A's. Yay. Go me.I really worked hard on those classes. I just wanted them done and over with. I am glad they are in the past. This semester I am taking 17 credits. I have no idea how I did that without realizing it. I am taking BIO 108 Plants and Culture, MAT213 Calculus,  CIS 105 Computer survey, PSY 142 People and Culture, MGT 253 Small business Management. The course work seems pretty good, so far. So we will see how much busier it gets towards finals. (I shiver at the word) But most of my time goes to homework. I will be updating now, that I am in school more, and I have free time.
     I also  had gotten a part- time/ temporary job. At the college bookstore.  That was fun. But I was at school from 7-7 . Half school, half work. The month of August is really a blur to me now. I did run into some bad luck, my vehicle broke down (still broken) . I had/have trouble with my financial aid. Its still being worked out. But good news is the job is now over. I have a little more free time now, haha. 

       My family is doing great. My little Sammy is potty training. He is only 16 months. He wanted to go on the potty because his sister went and that how it all started. He doesnt tell us all the time. But he yanks off his diaper when he wants to sit down. Its so cute. Im proud of him for making the effort. My Lily is getting bigger currently we are working on her ABC's. She is a really great artist.

This is her face she drew. Lily 3 yrs old.
  I will put up family pictures as soon as I find my sim card.
          I also recently went to visit my dad, I will be posting  about it later. But that was interesting. I am trying to involve him more in my life.
What have you been up to?

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