Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Day Out- To the Zoo!

I have always loved the Phoenix Zoo. I have been dying to take my Lily. But my husband who used to always work weekends and I go to school during the week have never been able too. Now that my husband is no longer working. We were able to enjoy the Phoenix Zoo together as a family, finally. We had such a great day. We decided to become members which was like $ 40 dollars more then when we were gonna pay so we decided that, if we wanted to come back it would be free all year. Plenty of opportunities. Lily loved looking at all the animals, I couldn't get her to walk away from an exhibit, she would have stayed hours just looking at the giraffes. The Phoenix Zoo has gotten so big, we didn't even finish. By the time we go to the kids side (Harmony Farm, and the petting zoo) we were exhausted. That is why we became members so we can go back and finish the experience. My son Sammy just enjoyed the wagon ride, I cant wait for him to enjoy it as much as we did, I bet in 6 months he will be able too! 

My husband pushing the kids to the Zoo entrance.

Sammy and Lily in the wagon.

Lookin at each other.

I swear getting two kids to look at the camera at the same time is rarely possible.

Sammy Looking at the map.

He decided we were lost.

Lily exploring on her own.

Lily looking at antelopes.

Daddy and Lily looking for Lions.

Looking for the zebras.

Looking at the wild pigs.

Sammy and I looking at the giraffes.
(I'm usually the camera person)
Daddy and Lily looking at Giraffes.

Lily looking at the baboons.

Passed out from the long day.

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