Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Late Easter!

I was so busy on Easter. I love it tho. I love holidays. I tend to go all out. I think it might because my mom never really celebrated to many holidays. I just want my kids to love holidays and enjoy spending time with family.
Well here is how are day went.

8 am  Family breakfast ( my side )
9 am  Easter Egg hunt
12pm Easter egg coloring
2 pm    Family barbecue (Tony side)
4 pm    Easter Egg hunt

Goodies to fill the baskets.

more goodies

and more goodies.

and even more goodies.

The baskets.

Lilys basket

Another view
Sammy's Basket.
Lily was excited to see that the Easter basket brought their baskets early.

Sammy loved the Elmo eggs.

and he loved his monkey.

Lily eating her egg.

the nieces and nephew getting ready.

My adorable kids.

Easter egg hunting. (at my moms)

Lilys picking an egg of the money tree.
Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt at Tony's mom.

Sammy crawling all over the place.

Coloring Easter eggs

Sammy getting into Lilys basket.

Coloring Easter Eggs.

Sammy trying on shoes.

It was a fun filled action pack day.My kids had a great day.

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