Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Look (my opinion)

I love spring, not as much as I love winter. But its a different kind of love. When I think of spring I think of new babies. This is the time of  year when puppies and kittens are mostly born. There are more birds singing in the front yard. The flowers are blooming. I just really love the smell of spring. I put a little list together of what I think would work for this spring.

  • Perfume:

  • Tops
 Floral prints are really in this spring.

  • Bottoms
 Shorts are a must need in this Arizona weather.
  • Shoes

  • Hair style

google images

 I started doing this to my hair because sadly my 
daughter cut a bit of my bangs and I have  like a little bang duck tail.
  •  Makeup
  • Day
google images
 Just keep it light cute and simple.
  • Evening
google images
 Not to heavy for spring, natural just like spring.

    This is my own personal preference. Do  what you like and feet comfortable in.
    By the way. I think I am going to use Nicole Richie as my makeup/style Icon. 
    I really love how she has changed . She still has her fun/edgy side.
    I like the woman she has transformed into. Her style maybe 4 years ago,
    I was not so impressed with but the new Nicole, I am growing to love.

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